Peasant Food - Noble Ingredients
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Re-Order  by text

It's 2017, and you can now keep your seat, grab your phone, and text your order directly to the Duna kitchen.


Include the name on your tab. We'll cook it up, bring it out, and add it to your open tab.

Settle up at the counter or close out by text!  (FYI: Since we've got your card-on-file, you can even dine & dash.)

Why text messaging?

We're all kitchen based hospitality at Duna (read: no waiters). Everyone orders directly from the kitchen, and Duna cooks bring out the food&drink. Since we're often quite busy, we understand that you probably aren't keen on standing in line for all-too-long just to get another glass of wine or something sweet or some more spatzle or all of the above. Queuing (even for delicious food) isn't fun; We get that.

And we always love chatting, so please don't feel as if you need to text us. We're pro-human contact.

Pick-up order by text

Text us your pickup order, including your name, and we'll confirm the cook time. Come on by, and pick it up!

Delivery via Caviar

If you need a night in, then we've partnered with Caviar for home & office delivery. Prices are the same as dining at Duna, and the full menu is available. 


The full Duna spread on the street-side farm table. Dinner is on at 530. Drop in and say hi to the kitchen. 🍽🍺🍷( Says @jmsnwggns ).jpg