Base Duna, by the Jar

Base Duna, by the Jar

Take Duna Home

Chef Nick working the larder.

Over the generations, we've discovered incredible, delicious flavors from our fore-bearers across Central Europe. We cook them into our nightly Duna menu using noble Californian ingredients, and with each bite, we rediscover the flavors of our peasant heritage through the rich harvest of our local valleys. 

Now, we're taking these Base Duna Flavors, and packaging them to take home and rediscover with your family and friends.

This initial offering is dominated by our classic spreads, but you'll also see the Duna Sunflower Tahini. Rather than "dips," we think of them as Base Duna Flavors and as the starting point for new creations. 

All jars are 6oz, and you can purchase a set of all 5 as a gift. 

We'll continue to expand Base Duna as we grow, and we're excited to hear what you create! Please send us your creations via social media, or email us.