Duna Delivers

Duna Delivers

On our days off, where usually eating a giant bowl of chopped salad with an oversized spoon on our respective couches. Now, you can enjoy Duna at home too! Starting today, Duna delivers through Caviar. 

There's no wrong way to enjoy Duna, but we love:

  • Chopped salads on your couch. 
  • Flatbread and dips for a party or the park.
  • Peasant classics at your dining room table. 
  • PB&J truffles for a late night snack. 
  • A Duna-made kefir soda, shrub or iced tea as an afternoon treat.

We cook peasant classics and mix-up chopped salads because it's what we want to eat every day. These are the dishes from our families, and we're excited that you can share them with your families at home or in the office.

Jamison & The Duna Team