Fall into Duna

Hello Duna,

It’s been too long. Apologies for not writing sooner. Lots happening at Duna. The last heatwave is passing and we’re winterizing the restaurant. The menu is transitioning into winter, and we’re opening more days do we can all stay warm this winter.

Duna Happenings

  • Duna. 7 days a week starting Nov1.
  • Sunday Spread, no more tickets.
  • On-Demand Seating
  • Winter Menu, is coming

From Sunday Supper to Sunday Spread

We love lazy Sunday dinners. That’s why we offered the Sunday supper, and we thought that tickets were the best way to offer a cohesive experience. Y'all agreed, and we sold out every Sunday. But we’d much rather it be an informal affair. So, now we offer the Sunday Spread; A full, lazy Sunday offering that you can drop in to enjoy.

This Sunday we’ll have a Transylvanian-ish Spread, because: Halloween, AND that’s the region Nick’s people hail from. Instagram is the best way to see Sundays menu, or send us a text, 415.484.1206

On-Demand Seating

One benefit of tickets: Reservations. If you you’re coming from far afield, then it would be immeasurably disappointing to arrive for dinner, and be turned away. We get that. We prefer to be a drop in, casual restaurant, and we’d also like to have our friends and community join us from distant places. So, we’re piloting a new system we call, “On-Demand Seating.” There’s more information available on the website, www.duna.kitchen/table

Winter Menu, is coming

Nick evolves our menu with the seasons, and some new items are already on menu with more to come.

Green chili fisherman’s stew
  • Green Chili Fisherman Stew, the Classic Version
  • Beef Tartare over a skordalia sauce as a dip for flatbread.
  • A new category dedicated solely to spatzle, spatzle, spatzle!

Duna Every Day

Yup, we’ll be open for dinner every day starting in November. Come and get it! If anyone has a good triangle bell, let me know. We need one.

Thanks for making Duna possible. It’s a privilege to be able to cook for y’all, and we’re most grateful.

Here’s to fall! Jamison e Duna

PS. Here's my new favorite photo of Nick: