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At Duna, we iterate on our food, evolve our hospitality, and experiment with our system. 

During early Duna ( versions 0.1 - 0.3, to be specific ) we offered Sunday Suppers as a ticketed exploration of Central European flavors. Building on that idea, we're offering the “Duna Supper Tickets” every night at 6 & 8p. 

Inclusive | One price that includes, service, tax, Duna drinks & food
Twice, Nightly | Two seatings at 6 & 8p
Limited Availability | Most of Duna will remain drop in & on-demand

Book your tickets, share your preferences, and we'll cook for you. All diets welcome. All nights available. All dishes delicious. 

Tickets for sale online or by email: eat@duna.kitchen

Questions, Answered

Order everything ahead? You're not required to order beverage ahead, but tickets are prepaid for the food & experience.

What's on the menu? We create the final menu by 4 pm daily. Let us know and we'll send it to you! Since we use fresh ingredients and maximize use of all products, we do not pre-plan menus. Everything will be delicious. Guaranteed.

Totally inclusive? Yes, prices included food/drink, service and tax. No extra fees at all, whatsoever.

Service included?  All service (and tax) included in the price. The whole team will share in the distribution (except for the ownership!)

What time? Most Duna tables are available for walk-in, and a limited number are available at 6p & 8p for the curated spread.

How long? 2 hours. Each ticket includes the price of a 2 hour dining experience. DId you know that the #2 cost for restaurant in SF is occupancy?

Other times available? Generally, no. However, we might be able to make something work! Just ask: 415.484.1206.

Service? Duna is full kitchen service, where cooks bring you food & drink.

On arrival? We'll have a table with your name on it. Simply walk in, sit down, and we'll start the experience.

In conclusion? Everything is included in the price so there's no check!

If occupancy is the #2 cost, then what's the #1 cost? Labor! That's why Duna offers "Full Kitchen Service". It streamlines the operation, and permits the whole team to share in gratuity.

Curated experience for walk-ins? Tickets allows us to plan ahead, and greatly minimize waste! Please book the curated experience ahead.

More questions? Send us a note:

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