Spoon Salad + Peasant Classics



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Instead of reservations, we offer ON-DEMAND SEATING.

How do i use on-demand seating?

Think of it like Lyft for a table at DUNA. When you're ready to eat.

  1. Check the DUNA Queue. 

  2. Is there anyone on the list?
    1. YES: Add yourself to the queue. 
    2. NO: Just come by!
  3. If you add yourself to the list, then DUNA will confirm with your estimated wait time via text message.
  4. Time your arrival with the estimate, and you won't wait!
  5. Eat & be happy.

We've said "viszontlátásra" (goodbye, in Hungarian) to reservations in favor of on-demand seating. Instead of booking a table ahead, simply check the current wait time (updated in real-time during service hours), and add then  IF NEEDED add your party to the queue. We'll send a confirmation with the time we can seat your group that very evening! 


Yes, you may add any group size up to 10 people. (Keep in mind that larger groups will take longer to seat).

No, we don't accept requests for future days. Keeping it same day, allows us to streamline service!

Why no reservations? Reservations are inefficient and wasteful, and we prefer to not pass that cost on to our guests. On-demand seating allows for maximizing occupancy, while providing a casual, fluid way for guests to drop by or plan to come from far-a-field. 

What do I do while I wait? You might enjoy a cocktail at one of our neighbors, reading stories about Duna, looking through the menu, or opening up a tab.